Artur Beterbiev unhappy with Court’s decision

Artur Beterbiev who is IBF light heavyweight champion has planned to appeal the decision of the superior court in Quebec. He has a dispute with GYM promoter Yvon Michel. Digging deep reveals that Artur Beterbiev was expecting to end his promotional agreement with Michel but the judge ruled against it.

The judge ruled that it appears that the promotional agreement with GYM promoter is valid until 2021. However, Beterbiev is not happy and plans on appealing against it. He is promoted by Yvon Michel since 2013. Beterbiev had fought only fight in 2017, against Enrico Koelling. He defeated him to acquire the IBF light heavyweight title. Beterbiev seems quite inactive when it comes to fights. He has not fought a single fight this year. Critics believe that it might be due to his dispute with Yvon as he could be under mental stress.

Nancy Audet said, ”Artur Beterbiev decided to appeal his case. The documents will be tabled tomorrow. On the side of Beterbiev, we do not think that a reconciliation is possible with GYM,”.

There are rumors doing circles that it is probable that Beterbiev may retire if the court rejects his appeal, or the appeal goes against him. This would be such a huge disappointment as Beterbiev still has not fought any big name.

Beterbiev has been inactive for a long time and with him appealing against the decision, he cannot sit tight and wait for decisions to come into his favor. He really needs to hop in the ring and fight. His career has become a little too slow since 2016.

Michel on the other hand is confident that the judge will not rule against him and plans to promote Beterbiev. As per contract, Beterbiev is supposed to have two fights in 2018 but things do not seem right. If Beterbiev keeps waiting for the court’s decision, he might not be able to take part in even one fight.

It is expected that Beterbiev plans to sign with Top Rank once he gets out of the promotional agreement with Yvon Michel. Although Top Rank has an unbeaten contestant Oleksander Gvozdyk yet he is not a star and chances for his victory at WBC light heavyweight championship are slim.
To be fairly honest, Beterbiev is still regarded as one of the most avoided fighters. One of the major reason for this is that he remains inactive and barely fights.