Best boxing gloves for women

While all boxing gloves may look the same, they are actually very different. There are sparring gloves and training gloves as well as fighting gloves. There are also tons of brands to choose from that each claims to be the best for use in competition. Female boxers particularly have reasons to choose certain brands since there are specific things that they are considering when they choose the best boxing gloves for them. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best boxing gloves for women your needs.

Why do you need boxing gloves?

When you are choosing boxing gloves that are made for women, it's important that your choice protects the delicate bone structure that exists in a woman’s hands. Unlike forms of martial arts, where hand use is honored, the sport of boxing actually embraces the protection of your hand by using gloves when you train and fight. If you didn’t have this protection, your hands could get damaged throughout your training or fighting career. Plus, boxing gloves can also protect your opponents from head trauma. Remember that Parkinson’s disease can be a real danger to a boxer and using a good pair of gloves can reduce that risk.

What Color Glove is Best?

The classic color of the boxing world, red is a popular choice, and pretty much every boxer has a set of red boxing gloves in their arsenal. While this is the most popular color, red can be a hard color to see. When you choose training or sparring gloves, you want a color that is easy to see, so you should choose a color like white that allows a trainer to catch your punches well. Green and blue are also colors that are often used for training, while red gloves are able to mask the buildup from bloodstains. While men tend to like seeing blood on their gloves, women do not. Typically, blue and pink colored gloves are designed for women.

Different Types of Boxing Gloves

Bag Gloves – Bag gloves tend to be used when hitting a punching bag, and you can choose from two different types of bag gloves. Used by traditional boxers, the first type is older, thin, and designed to keep your skin protected from tearing as you hit the punching bag. These types of gloves do not give you the best protection for your wrists and knuckles and wrist, plus they have a tendency to wear out quickly.

Bag gloves are lighter and smaller, so they can affect your timing if you enter the ring with a heavy set of fighter gloves. They are also fully padded, so they are perfect when you want to hit the punching bag really hard, plus they will protect your hands a lot better, and won’t offset your timing when you enter the ring, which makes them a great choice for a female boxer.

Sparring Gloves – Sparring gloves are great when you spar with a partner. Featuring a thicker cushion to give both partners better protection, and they shouldn’t be used when you want to just hit the bag since the soft cushion will work out quickly.

Training Gloves – Training gloves can’t be used for hitting a punching bag or for sparring. It’s important to remember that you want to get gloves for two different reasons, so you need to have a separate bag and separate gloves to get the best experience.

Fighting Gloves – Also called pro gloves, fighting gloves shouldn’t be used for anything but fighting in a ring. Make sure you take care of your fighting gloves since they are the ones that determine how you will perform in a ring.

Considerations When Choosing Boxing Gloves

Material - Similar to a men’s boxing glove, a women’s boxing glove is also made with a variety of materials that range from synthetics to leather. These materials tend to perform differently at both the gym, or the ring and they also differ vary in durability, ease of cleaning, and price.

Leather boxing gloves tend to be expensive, but there are several high-quality models that have a relatively low-price tag. A pair of genuine leather gloves from Thailand tend to cost less than gloves made from buffalo, cowhide, or goatskin leather. Gloves made from cowhide leather are the most common, and they have the best durability and are the most easily available. You also get better flexibility and comfort due to their ability to stretch.

Known to give excellent breathability and odor control, leather boxing gloves are also a good choice if you want the best women’s boxing gloves for a heavy bag. You also need to make sure that you find leather boxing gloves that can absorb perspiration and water to some degree, which can cause some discoloration with time.

Synthetics– If you prefer animal-free gloves, synthetic boxing gloves are a good choice. Not only are they affordable, but synthetic gloves are available in almost any style or color. That’s why they're so easy to match up with your other boxing apparel.

Remember, synthetic is really an umbrella term that refers to artificial materials that are used to recreate real leather. Popular synthetics that are used to make boxing gloves include microfiber, vinyl, and polyurethane (PU).

Microfiber is the latest technology that offers almost-leather qualities. You may want to look at a reliable set of gloves for training, sparring, and bag work without having to spend too much.
The primary drawback you get from synthetic gloves is that they don’t last that long when you are training regularly. Synthetic gloves also tend to trap heat inside, so it's important to look for a pair that has a design that improves breathability.

Glove Size

When you have chosen the perfect type of material for your gloves, you then need to determine which size gloves are right for you. You will want a set of gloves that are easy to fit on your first without forcing the fit. You don’t want any movement or slack that can cause injuries when you punch.

Measured in weight, glove size depends on how much padding is used in it. So, a glove that is labeled 14 ounces, then it means that you have 14 ounces of protective padding. So, the heavier the gloves are, the more padding you will have for your knuckles.

There are four major categories of women’s gloves that depend on your intended use and your weight.
•6-ounce gloves - This size is perfect for kids, teenagers, and women fighters that have very small hands. From a height and weight perspective, this glove size fits fighters under 51.2 kgs and 5 feet.
•8-ounce gloves This glove size is the best for women that weigh between 50 and 60 kgs that also have petite hands.
•10 to 12 ounces – Women that weigh around 60 kgs should start looking at gloves in this range, which gives you the best boxing glove options for personal fitness and training.
•14 to 16 ounces – This glove size is perfect for a fighter weighing between 65 and 78 kgs. Great for sparring, this weight category is great for building endurance and muscle development.

Remember that many gyms will not let you spar with a pair of gloves under 156 ounces, so you should check with them or your coach before you choose a pair.

Closings (Lace-up vs. Velcro)

You will find that boxing gloves can have either a Velcro or lace-up design. Lace-up gloves give you a better fit that lets you develop a guaranteed first of readiness for your opponent or heavy bag. However, they tend to be hard to put on and take off by yourself, so you always want to train with a partner or trainer for help.

In comparison, Velcro, or hook and loop, gloves are easy to put on when you don’t have anyone around to help. However, they do tend to lose their grip over time, and the strap can be too long, which can lead to it being exposed, which means you could scratch your opponent or trainer with it.

Best Boxing Gloves for Women’s Reviews

 RDX Women Training Gloves for

RDX Women Training Gloves for
Affordable and very lightweight, the RDX Women Training Gloves are perfect for kickboxing, fighting, and sparring. You can use them on focus pads and punch bags. These women’s boxing gloves are handmade and feature double-stitching that stops seams from tearing and splitting during use.

Equipped with perforations that are strategically placed, the RDX Women Training Gloves for Training wick away sweat to keep your palms dry and ventilated. Suede trimming on the palms of the gloves is soft and smooth, and nylon piping on the cuff stops chaffing to provide a more comfortable wearing experience.

With wide cuffs, both your wrist and hands are aligned while the EVA-Lution padding assists in shock absorption during a heavy punching session. You also get an added secure grip with the hook and loop strap that easy is to put on and take off. With the EVA Lution and Supremo Shock foam combination, you get the most advanced protection for your hands through minimizing the impact of shock.

The RDX Women Training Gloves also feature a compressed foam layer for additional impact resistance. This is a great set of gloves for beginners that are interested in upgrading their skills. The Maya hide exterior is soft and comfortable.

Offering great wrist support, these gloves also feature well-cushioned knuckles. You can choose from blue, red, gold, and green color combination to match your personal style. And, thanks to its S.P.P. technology, you get great ventilation that eliminates any unpleasant odors.

They have a nice design and durability
These gloves hold up well in kickboxing class
Super lightweight gloves that help to decrease sweat

The cuffs are too long for some users
They don’t work well if you have short fingers

Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves

Best boxing gloves for women
Created to offer professional-level boxing gloves, the Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves are super affordable and keep your hands protected and snug inside. Designed using vivid Sanabul colors, these gloves are also available in understated black colors. The Sanabul Gloves are tested by professionals, so they are made for hard use.

Thanks to the powerful hook and loop closure feature, these gloves allow you to throw punches but not worry about your wrists. All you need to do is tighten the straps and you are ready to go. Made with engineered leather construction, the Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves can handle hundreds of rounds, plus it will age well and last you for years.

With their special longitudinal arch design, these gloves make them feel like you’ve always worn them. They also include mesh palms that will keep your hands cooler, cleaner, and dryer. The Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves use infused foam that gives you incredible softness and protection, which prevents your hands from being injured as you train. These are also specifically made to fit your hand’s natural curvature for correct fist closure when you strike.

With all the color choices available, the Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves allow you to own several pairs. They also come in sizes that range from eight to 16 ounces.

Great gloves for the price
Nice material is used inside and out on these gloves
They are stylish and come with a free mouthguard

When you wear hand wraps, the gloves can be too tight

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves, Pink/Blue, 12 oz

Best boxing gloves for women
Featuring EverCool and EverShield technology, the Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves are perfect for sparring, mitt work, bag work, and fitness class. Made with premium synthetic leather, these gloves combine excellent construction with long-lasting durability. They also include full mesh palms that ensure their comfort and breathability.

The updated EverShield design offers improved wrist protection with its hook-and-loop closure, so your wrist is protected from flexing backward. The Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves give you a secure fit and maintains your comfort and protection during a wide range of striking angles. The design of the Velcro strap at the bottom doesn’t make the strap feel super tight like it does when the strap goes over the top of the glove.

The Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves feature a soft inside lining that will keep your hands cool while the Evershield technology provides a nice, rigid fit. Featuring double stitching, the material quality of these gloves is pretty durable and the padding includes a premium blend of multi-layered foam in order to give the gloves all-purpose protection that works for any type of training.

These gloves are very durable and comfortable to wear
They keep your hands from getting sweaty
They are great for all types of workouts

They are too large for some users
The strap can break after just a few months

Ruckus Women's Boxing Gloves
If you are looking for boxing gloves that were designed for a woman, the Ruckus Women’s Boxing Gloves are specifically created for a woman’s hands. Featuring a pink and black color design, these gloves are ideal for kickboxing, punching, or boxing. Equipped with a tight fit and compact padding, these gloves give you a good amount of protection without feeling like you have pillows on your hands.

These sharp-fitting boxing gloves feature a narrow and tailored trim to give you a light and sleek feel and look. The Ruckus Women’s Boxing Gloves were designed in the Fashion District of New York City. These snug-fitting gloves have a metallic shimmer finish and include Advanced Flyweight Foam Padding that allows you to throw faster punches while getting the same level of protection for your hands.

Allowing you to throw combinations faster, the Ruckus Women’s Boxing Gloves feature triple flyweight foam along with front-weight impact distributions that protect your hands better, but also keeps the weight of the glove to a minimum. Available in either eight-, 10-, 12-, or 14-ounce weights, the Ruckus Women’s Boxing Gloves also come in gold, blue, black, white, or pink color designs. These gloves feature ventilation that is strategically placed, so they won’t smell. These gloves have a snug design that was made for a female hand that is tight but also takes into account how long they need to be for a woman’s hand.

Designed for the natural shape of your first, these gloves will hug your fist perfectly. They are also made with animal-friendly vegan leather and feature the strongest Velcro that you can find on the market.

They fit snugly and comfortably
The padding helps to protect your hands well
You can throw fast punches with great protection
The padding by the finger isn’t very thick

MaxxMMA Pro Style Boxing Gloves for Men & Women
Made for both women and men, the MaxxMMA Pro Style Boxing Gloves are perfect for sparring with opponents, the heavy bag, and any type of boxing workout. Made with long-lasting and durable Polyurethane, these gloves feature a full mesh palm to make all your workouts cooler.

These gloves include a hook-and-loop strap that is easy to use and features a wrist wrap with a full wraparound design for better fit and form. You can get the MaxxMMA Pro Style Boxing Gloves in either 10-, 12-, or 14-ounce weights. And custom designs and colors are possible on large orders.

A good value for the price
You can customize the colors
These gloves are durable and long-lasting

The padding will wear thing after a few months
If your hands are large, they may not be the most comfortable

Everlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves
Featuring a pink color, the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves are available in 12- and 14-ounces weight sizes Equipped with a Patented Thumb-Lok feature, these gloves are made with premium synthetic leather that offers incredible construction as well as increased durability. The design has an improved curved and anatomical fit and grip that makes it a great choice for mitt work, sparring, and heavy bag workouts.

With a natural shape, the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves conforms well to your hand. The full mesh palms help to guarantee comfort and breathability. These gloves also come with a hook and loop closure that has a wraparound strap design.

The EverCool breathable and ventilated fabric includes an anti-microbial odor-fighting treatment, so you won’t have to worry about odors. These gloves also include a strap closure that has a reliable wrap-around design as well as a thumb-lock feature. The Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves are a great value with tons of features.

Padding in the gloves are well-distributed
They provide great ventilation
The material is pretty durable,

They have an odd smell for the first couple of days
Sizes run small

The winner of the best boxing gloves for women round-up is the RDX Women Training Gloves. Not only are they affordable and a great value, but these lightweight gloves are also perfect for kickboxing, fighting, and sparring, and you can use them on focus pads and punch bags.

Plus, these women’s boxing gloves are handmade with double stitching that will stop seams from tearing and splitting during use. Featuring perforations that are strategically placed, the RDX Women Training Gloves wick away sweat to keep your palms dry and ventilated. And suede trimming on the palms of the gloves along with nylon piping on the cuff stops chaffing to provide a more comfortable wearing experience.

You get a secure grip with the hook and loop strap that is easy to put on and take off, plus you get advanced hand protection that minimizes shock impact thanks to the EVA Lution sheet and Supremo Shock foam combination. And the S.P.P. technology gives you great ventilation that eliminates any unpleasant odors. The definite winner of the best women’s boxing glove round-up is the RDX Women Training Gloves hands down.