Best Boxing Mitts  

Your success in the boxing ring is determined by your speed, timing, and coordination. You also need to anticipate your opponent's moves, which is difficult to perceive when you mainly use heavyweights. This is why boxing mitts have become a favorite among boxers. The right set of mitts is more than a regular piece of equipment which is why I reviewed and compiled some of the best pieces in the market.

A Complete Buying Guide For the Best Boxing Mitts

Choosing the best boxing mitts can be overwhelming, especially because there are multiple brands in the market. How do you choose the one that suits your boxing needs? What should you look for before completing the purchase? Are there specific boxing mitts for indoor use?

If you’re a beginner boxer who has no idea where to start, you’re in the right place. We reviewed various boxing mitts in the market and created this review to help you buy the right ones.

What Are the Benefits of Boxing Mitts?

The number of people that box for fitness is steadily increasing, and in 2020, there were 5.23 million. A while back, training with heavy bags was the industry standard, but times have changed, and boxing mitts are more effective. They are challenging and fun, especially when you have an experienced mitt holder. You can easily change your drills to focus on the skills that you'd like to perfect.

You’re also in charge of the training intensity and can ask the mitt holder to mimic different kinds of attacks to make your practice more engaging. Some of the realistic benefits and skills you could obtain from boxing mitts include

  1. Defensive Skills: this kind of skill is best practiced with a live person because you get to enact tactics such as blocking, sparring, rolling, and slipping.

  2. Offensive Skills: when you're on the offense, mitt training allows you to focus on angles and combinations, which is hard to do with heavy bags.

  3. Punching Skills: your punching skills are defined by more than just the speed and power that you use. You also have to work on your timing, accuracy, endurance, and technique. This is only possible if you practice with a live opponent.

  4. Live Movements: since you'll be practicing with a moving person, you'll be in a better position to gain skills that require live movements such as footwork, counter-punching, style mimicking, and strategy.

Boxing mitts also give you the flexibility to practice various moves, improve your mental focus & endurance, and help you get into rhythm.

What Should You Look For When Buying Boxing Mitts?

Some of the factors you should consider before buying the best boxing mitts include;

  1. Moisture Absorbing Lining

Boxing is an intense activity, and even though some boxing mitts have ventilation, you may still find yourself sweating. This is common and sometimes causes the interior of the boxing mitt to become wet.

Some brands have introduced a moisture-absorbing lining that keeps your mitts dry and comfortable. It may be a minor addition, but it makes all the difference!

  1. Padding

The fundamental purpose of boxing mitts is to absorb shocks. This is not only important for you as the trainee but extremely crucial for the mitt holder as they have to keep their hands steady even after you throw powerful punches.

Check the padding that's right underneath the exterior cover of the mitts. The best kind should have a rebound effect on the fists and should absorb shock without losing its form. Most of the time, it's usually made out of foam, but there are some that are infused with gel for maximum efficiency.

Avoid buying tough boxing mitts and go for those that feel cushiony as they are more comfortable and safer.

  1. Ventilation

Wet and sweaty hands are not only uncomfortable but could cause your hands to slip during training. Go for mitts that have proper ventilation, either through holes or meshes.

  1. Weight

If you go for mitts that are too light (under 1 lb), you may end up throwing powerful thrusts and injuring yourself. On the other hand, if the boxing mitts are too heavy ( more than 3 lbs), they'll diminish your ability to practice, cause your hands to ache, and increase your chances of sustaining wrist injuries.

  1. Stitching

Stitching highly determines the durability of your boxing mitts. Go for mitts with a thicker thread as they will prevent early breakages.

While you should also consider the price of boxing mitts, quality should always be the key determining factor.

What Are the Main Types of Boxing Mitts?

There are 4 main types of boxing mitts;

  1. Flat Boxing Mitts: These types of mitts require you to keep your hands flat and don’t allow for much versatility. You can only practice jabs and straights, which is pretty limiting.

  2. Contoured Boxing Mitts: they come in a curved shape that fits your hand perfectly and distributes the impact evenly across the surface area of your palm.

  3. Air Boxing Mitts: they are heavily padded and allow you to throw powerful punches.

  4. Cuban Style Boxing Mitts: they have a large surface area and help you increase your accuracy and speed.

Are There Right and Left Hand-Specific Boxing Mitts?

Yes. Just like boxing gloves, the mitts come with specific pieces for the right and the left hand. There are, however, brands that produce mitts that can be worn on either hand.

A Quick Review Of the Top 6 Boxing Mitts 2021

I reviewed a couple of boxing mitts in the market, and here's my opinion on the top 8.

  1. Valleycomfy Boxing Curved Focus Punching Mitts

Best Boxing Mitts

These black and white Valleycomfy boxing mitts are made from synthetic leather and are perfect for muay Thai, dojo, sparring, karate, and martial arts. Their leatherette surface is non-toxic, soft & comfortable, and is bound with a sturdy nylon thread. This kind of stretching is durable and prevents the padding from falling out.

These boxing mitts are versatile and allow you to practice your defensive and punching skills. They're also easy to transport and are great for perfecting your timing, accuracy, and footwork or simply get a good workout.

While the Valleycomfy boxing mitts have a 7.9"(20cm) x 9.8"(25cm) dimension, they have an adjustable wrist strap on the kick shield that gives them a one-size-fits-most feature. I especially loved how breathable they are, so you won’t have sweaty hands. They also fit quite snugly.

These boxing mitts are made from dense foam that not only provides excellent cushioning but can also take hard punches. I noticed that even though they're thick, they are not heavy, so you'll not experience any aches after your practice session. They also provide flexibility and allow you to try out a variety of styles and strikes.

The Valleycomfy boxing mitts come as a pair, are affordable, highly comfortable, and effective.


  • Despite being very dense, they are lightweight.

  • They have an adjustable strap that enables them to fit on most hand sizes.

  • They have nylon stitching that enhances durability.

  • They’re breathable and prevents sweaty hands

  • They fit snugly.

  • Their dense padding acts as a great shock absorber.

  • Their build makes them perfect for beginners


  • There’ve been complaints among men with large hands that they don’t fit.

  • Not suitable for professional boxers

  1. Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts (Black/Red)

Best Boxing Mitts

The Sanabul brand is known for producing high-quality boxing gear, and the Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts are no exception. They are made from engineered leather and come in black or red color.

One of the most annoying aspects of getting new boxing mitts is that they often take a long time for you to break into them. Well, these mitts are the perfect fit and have a curvature design that molds perfectly into your hands. They're also made from Santec Ultra Light Foam that only lets you feel the impact of your punch but protects you from the pain by absorbing the shock from the hardest punches.

These boxing mitts are highly durable, and it's likely that they will be a staple in your boxing equipment. The leather used to make it is performance engineered and can take multiple hits without losing its form.

Most boxing mitts in the market focus on the boxer, but the Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts are also designed with the trainers in mind. They are a great fit, use half-ball palm grips to keep them secure as the coach takes the punches and are very comfortable.

Still not sold? Well, these boxing mitts have been tested by the pros, including Mike Lee, and champions, including Michael Bisping. If they can stand against the professionals, then rest assured that they will hold up just fine for your practice.


  • They can handle the impact of hard punches.

  • Professionals have tested them.

  • They’re made from leather engineered to endure thousands of punches.

  • Their curvature design fits perfectly on your hands.

  • They’re also designed to protect the trainer.


  • Some people feel that the punching pad is too firm.

  • The width of the pad is too wide for people with small hands.

  1. FightX Curved Punching Mitts

Best Boxing Mitts

TheFightX Curved Punching Mitts have a leather PU finishing that gives them a sleek appearance and enhances their durability. They resist creases, back cracks, and cuts even after multiple training sessions, and no matter how roughly you use them, they'll not appear wrinkled.

The inside of these boxing mitts is made from solid matter that's lightweight and enhances your power and speed. This aspect is especially important because if the core matter is too dense, your efficiency will be impacted, and if it's too light, its ability to take solid punches will be compromised.

I was highly impressed by the shock absorption capabilities of the FightX Curved Punching Mitts. This is mostly due to the durable stitching and extra foam padding that smoothly takes the impact of strong punches. Based on my experience, maximum shock absorption often results in enhanced performance, so I always refrain from gear that doesn't guarantee me this.

These mitts are also versatile and can cater to the needs of most sporting enthusiasts. You can use them for punching sessions, muay Thai, MMA training, boxing, kickboxing karate, etc. They come in a flexible pre-curved design that fits perfectly on your hand, reducing your chances of hand injuries.


  • They’re multipurpose and can be used in a variety of sporting activities.

  • The leather exterior protects them from wrinkles and cuts.

  • They have flexible straps that ensure they’re a perfect fit.

  • They have an attractive design and a solid build.

  • They have extra foam padding that enhances their shock absorption qualities.


  • They come in one fit.

  1. Liberlupus Boxing Focus Mitts

Best Boxing Mitts

TheLiberlupus Boxing Focus Mitts strikes the perfect balance between design and functionality. They are made from prime PU leather tested by European standards and guarantee efficient wear, tear, and hydrolysis resistance. The interior lining is made from premium moisture absorbent material that prevents you from having wet & sweaty hands during practice. These mitts also come with ventilation holes that help with heat dissipation.

Padding is one of the most important elements that I look out for when buying boxing mitts, and the Liberlupus Boxing Focus Mitts have a polyester and high-density foam blend on the interior. This is more effective than the normal foam filling and enhances their shock absorption capabilities, reducing your risk of sustaining injuries such as wrist sprains.

Despite being 1.5 inches thick due to the padding, these boxing mitts are extremely lightweight and only weigh 5 ounces. This makes it especially easy for the trainer. I loved that these mitts also have a matt coating that gives them a sleek appearance and ensures great texture. This is a mark of excellent workmanship because most brands focus on functionality and completely ignore aesthetics.

The Liberlupus Boxing Focus Mitts have a curved liner design that is ergonomic and comfortable. The parts of the palm and wrist also have soft cushioning, which enhances stability, control, and sparring efficiency. This also solidifies its protection against injuries.

These boxing mitts are versatile and unisex and can even be used by kids. They also have hook and loop straps that enable them to fit on most hand sizes. You can use them for MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing.


  • They have a matt finish that is sleek.

  • Their interior is made from a polyester and high-density foam blend

  • They're heat, wear, and water-resistant.

  • They have a moisture-absorbent lining.

  • They are unisex and can be used across all age groups.

  • They are thick but lightweight


  • There have been complaints that they smell musty after a while.

  1. Elite Sports Boxing Mitts

TheElite Sports Boxing Mitts are made from synthetic leather and come in a wide variety of colors. This material is lightweight and easy to clean and maintain, which enhances the durability of your gear.

These mitts have a concave design on the pad area that follows the natural curve of your hands. This makes them the perfect fit and enables you to improve your power, speed, and punching precision. The pre-curved shape also protects you from wrist and hand injuries.

The Elite Sports Boxing Mitts have high-density foam padding on the interior that enhances their shock-absorbing capabilities. They also have a velcro strap that allows them to fit on most hands and ventilated mesh panels on the back that help with heat dissipation.

I found these mitts very comfortable and versatile. They are also unisex, and their hook & loop straps allow you to achieve the perfect fit. You can use them for kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing.


  • They have an ambidextrous hand orientation.

  • Their dense interior padding enhances their shock absorption capabilities.

  • They’re unisex and can be used across all age groups.

  • They’re lightweight and easy to clean.

  • They’re versatile and can be used in a variety of sporting activities.


  • They’re most suitable for entry-level boxers.

  1. GINGPAI Curved Boxing Mitts

TheGINGPAI Curved Boxing Mitts are made from synthetic leather and come in black, red, and blue. They have a curvature design that's hand-shaped and allows it to fit your hand perfectly. These boxing mitts also have a different finger design on the sparring gloves that help with even force distribution on the jab and hook punching pads.

Their half ball palm grip also ensures a secure grip and enhances comfort, minimizing the risk of hand and wrist injuries. The PU leather surface of the GINGPAI Curved Boxing Mitts is smooth and non-toxic, and the hem is bound by a strong nylon thread that ensures the padding remains intact.

These gloves have an adjustable wrist strap that makes them a one-size-fits-most and big enough to fit large hands. They are also breathable and snug.

You can use them for various sporting activities, including martial arts, taekwondo, grappling, kickboxing, UFC, etc.


  • You can use them on a variety of lightweight daily training cavities.

  • They have a one-size-fits-most feature.

  • They’re durable and made from synthetic leather bound with a strong nylon thread.

  • They have a secure grip.

  • They have a curvature design that fits well on your hands.


  • They are mostly great for entry-level boxers.

  1. JAYEFO Glorious Punch Mitts

TheJAYEFO Glorious Punch Mitts are made from synthetic leather and come in a beautiful blue/ black design. They have a hook and loop velcro strap that allows you to adjust them to your wrist size.

These mitts also have a mesh ventilation system that keeps your hand dry during training and prevents odors. They also have a curved design and are made in both the left & right-hand orientation, which allows you to land more accurate punches.

Jayefo Products are known for their long warranty period, and these boxing mitts come with a 10-year warranty. If you notice any defects, you should contact the manufacturer, and they will replace them for you. This should tell you how durable they are.

They are lightweight to enhance your mobility during training and are double stitched for durability. You can use these mitts for a variety of activities, including mixed martial arts, sparring, judo, karate, boxing, self-defense exercises, etc.


  • They have a 10-year warranty.

  • They are versatile and can be used in a variety of sporting activities.

  • They come with an adjustable strap.

  • They come as a pair, one mitt for each hand.

  • They have a mesh ventilation system that prevents sweaty hands.


  • They’re not suitable for expert boxers.

  1. Pack of 2 Boxing Mitts

ThisPack of 2 Boxing Mitts is made from synthetic leather and is available in black and red. It comes as a 2 pack, is highly affordable, and doesn't compromise on quality. The interior padding is made from flexible, lightweight foam that enhances shock absorption, while the PU leather makes them easy to maintain.

These boxing mitts are unisex and can be used across all age groups. They also have a hook and loop strap on the back that allows you to adjust them to your wrist size.

They're also great for sporting activities such as MMA training, Muay Thai, and boxing.


  • They’re unisex and can also be used by kids.

  • Their padding is made from lightweight foam that has high shock absorbency.

  • They are a 2 pack.

  • They are easy to clean and maintain.


  • There have been complaints that they are hard to work with.


While all the products on this list are great, if I were to choose a winner of the roundup, it would have to be the Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts. This brand has been in the market for a long time, and they're known for manufacturing high-quality boxing products. They also go to great lengths to prove to their customers how great their products are by letting professional boxers test them out.

Some of the features that I loved most about these boxing mitts include their curvature design and how easy it was for me to break into them. They can also take multiple hits without the padding bugling out; they are comfortable and are made from Santec Ultra Light Foam that enhances their shock-absorbing capabilities.