Best MMA Headgears

Are you practicing boxing or Muay Thai? If you are practicing any mixed martial arts, it may be a good idea to invest in headgears. The best MMA Headgears may help protect your face against cuts and bruises whenever you are sparring or fighting.

A Guide to MMA Headgears

If you are new to practicing MMA sports, investing in headgear may be confusing at the start. However, Headgears are a great investment because they can help prevents cuts and injuries during training.

Why do you need MMA Headgears?

The primary role of wearing headgears is to protect you from cuts and scrapes whenever you are initiating physical contact. Wearing headgears when practicing boxing or Muay Thai can also help soften the blow from your sparring partner.

MMA Headgears are also great for people who are new to MMA sports. Padded headgears may help reduce the impact of the blow, which can be painful if you are new to MMA. Wearing Headgear may also help reduce the amount of bruising you experience when training.

Can wearing headgear prevent concussions?

The short answer is no. Headgear cannot prevent concussions and damage to the head. However, a study shows that wearing headgear may reduce the impact you feel whenever you receive a strike or blow.

Even though MMA Headgears cannot prevent you from concussions, they can still protect you from cuts and reduce the risk of injury. If you are a beginner to MMA, wearing headgear can help reduce the pain you may feel during training.

Should I wear them when sparring?

If you are using a full-coverage MMA headgear, it may block your peripheral vision and cause you to take more hits. Since 1984, Olympic athletes and boxers always use head guards whenever they perform in tournaments.

However, Olympics started to ban wearing headgear for men in Olympics boxing. The reason for the ban is a study that head guards may cause athletes to become more injured. The reason is still unclear, but it may be because the head becomes a bigger target when you are wearing headgear.

Nevertheless, MMA headgear is still important for protecting yourself when you are training. If you are not as experienced and you are still learning how to protect yourself, it is best to wear MMA Headgears to protect your face.

Investing in your own MMA Headgear

Should you invest in your own MMA Headgear? Most gyms and trainers provide MMA Headgear for newbies to use. Even though this headgear is good whenever you are in a pinch, it can be harmful especially during a pandemic.

Many people are using the MMA Headgear throughout the day, and you don’t know whether it is properly cleaned after every use. Investing in your own MMA Headgear is a good choice especially if you are just starting.

What to look for when buying an MMA Headgear

There are a lot of factors you must consider before you buy an MMA Headgear. Below is a quick guide to follow when looking for the best MMA Headgear.

  • Is it a comfortable fit for you? The most important factor you must consider before buying an MMA Headgear is the comfort it gives you. The headgear should be a snug fit, but not too tight or it can increase your risk for injuries.

  • Does it reduce your visibility? Many MMA Headgears reduce your visibility, which increases your risk of receiving blows. Choose an MMA Headgear the does not reduce your visibility so you can perform at your best.

  • Is it breathable? Practicing MMA sports can cause us to sweat a lot, and wearing headgear can feel stuffy. Try to find headgear that has a breathable design and materials so you do not feel hot when training.

  • Is it durable? A good-quality headgear should last a long time. We don’t want you to keep on replacing your headgear because it keeps on breaking down. Look for high-quality materials in your MMA Headgear.

Pros to using Headgear

There are many advantages to using headgear whenever you are in training. Below are some of the advantages you can get when you use MMA Headgears.

  • Beginners tend to collide with each other often, and headgears can help soften the impact for both of you. Many newbies tend to collide head to head with another trainee, and this may cause injuries.

  • Headgears may help prevent bruising on your skin. If you are prone to bruising even with just a slight touch, wearing headgear is suitable for you. Some people may have thin skin, which can lead to frequent bruising during training.

  • It can increase your confidence when you are training. Wearing headgear may increase your performance and confidence during training because it gives a sense of protection.

  • Wearing headgear may reduce the cauliflower ear symptom. The cauliflower ear symptom often happens when you receive a direct blow to your ear. Find MMA headgears that have padding on your ears to reduce the risk of cauliflower ears.

Cons to using MMA Headgears

Wearing MMA Headgears is not all rainbows, and there are cons to using them, especially when you are sparring.

  • As stated above, using MMA Headgears can block your peripheral vision, reducing visibility. Decreasing your vision can cause you to receive more blows and become unable to see incoming attacks.

  • Even though MMA Headgears may improve your confidence, this may cause you to feel too confident. Many people who use headgear become more aggressive when training because they feel safe from impact. People who become more aggressive are prone to receiving more blows compared to those who are wary of the impact.

  • Wearing an MMA Headgear may also cause you to become a bigger target. A headgear can cause your head to appear larger, which makes you prone to attacks on the head. Keep in mind that MMA Headgear may protect you from bruising and cuts, but it does not protect you from concussions.

Top 8 best MMA Headgears

Each of the Headgears below has different features that may help protect you when practicing mixed martial arts. We included headgears that are versatile and of high quality so you can find the headgear that is suitable for you.

  1. TTP Essential Professional MMA Headgear

Best MMA Headgear

The TTP Essential Head Gear is a durable, full-face head guard. If you are new to sparring and mixed martial arts, TTP Headgear may be for you. This Headgear has a foam system that cushions the blow and absorbs the shock.

TTP also has full-coverage protection, with the headgear covering your whole face and a semi-protection on the back. Have you ever experienced your headgear slipping off in the middle of sparring? Well, you do not have to worry about that here because TTP has a hook and loop system so your headgear does not loosen while sparring.

The hook and loop velcro is high-density elastic, reducing the chances of your headgear slipping off. The TTP MMA Headgear is also made of durable leather to improve performance and protect the headgear from tears and cuts.


  • TTP has full-coverage face protection.

  • It uses a laminated foam system that may help cushion the impact and absorb shock.

  • TTP has a padded face bar to reduce the impact on your chin.

  • It has a padded ear protection that protects you from both sides.

  • TTP uses a hook and loop velcro closure so the headgear stays in place during sparring.

  • TTP Headgear is highly durable and is made of leather built to last

  • This headgear is suitable for beginners to sparring and MMA

  • TTP is an incredibly affordable option for an MMA headgear


  • This full-coverage headgear can block your vision during sparring

  • It can be a tight fit for adults if you do not measure your cheek along with your head size

  1. Sanabul Professional MMA Kickboxing Headgear

Best MMA Headgear

The Sanabul Kickboxing Headgear is another full-coverage headgear option. If you are just getting started with any MMA sport, this headgear may be for you. The headgear is professionally tested by athletes like Michael Bisping to test against impact and functionality.

This headgear is suitable for any sport, including Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Sanabul Headgear also uses a loop closure system to make sure that the headgear will not fall off during practice. Sanabul also uses an impact-dura foam to absorb shock and impact.

Sanabul has been in the industry for years and remains the top choice for multiple users because of its durability. Sanabul is also great for children and beginners who are just starting MMA sports.


  • It uses an impact-dura foam to absorb shock and impact

  • This headgear is full-coverage, protecting all sides of your face

  • Sanabul has a loop closure lock to make sure the headgear will stay in place

  • This headgear has been tested by professional athletes against impacts

  • Sanabul has solid padding and uses a cooler material

  • Sanabul Headgear gives you a snug fit yet it still feels comfortable

  • Sanabul is an affordable option compared to other headgears


  • There are no larger sizing options

  • This headgear may block some of your vision

  1. RDX Headgear with Removable Face Grill

Best MMA Headgear

Do you spar a lot? If so, it may be best to invest in personal headgear instead of using the gear that the gym provides. The RDX Gear uses a hide leather material that helps protect you against injury and cuts.

RDX also has tri-slabs of foam padding to help absorb shock and impact from punches and kicks. This headgear has a PVC grill that can protect you against high-impact punches and kicks. And lastly. RDX Headgear does not reduce your visibility during a fight.

This headgear is incredibly versatile and is suitable for MMA, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Grappling. RDX headgear is designed to give you 360-degree full coverage so you are protected on all sides.


  • RDX head guard uses a Maya hide leather material to prevent any tearing or splitting

  • This headgear has tri-slabs of foam padding to help absorb powerful impacts and strikes

  • You can easily hook and secure the headgear using the hook and loop strap

  • RDX headgear has a removable head grill

  • This headgear uses an EVA-lution sheet that may help reduce shock during a fight

  • It uses a PVC grill to protect you from high impact punches and kicks

  • This headgear is suitable for veteran MMA athletes

  • It does not block your vision

  • This headgear has large sizing options


  • The material is not as breathable compared to other headgear

  • RDX headgear is not as affordable compared to other headgear options

  1. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Best MMA Headgear

If you do not like having heavy headgear on your head while sparring, this may be a good option for you. Venum Challenger is incredibly lightweight and is made of synthetic leather that gives you protection without the heaviness.

Venum also has a triple contoured foam to help protect your head from any impact or cuts. If you are vegan, Venum Challenger Headgear may be a good option because it uses Skintex Leather or artificial leather. Skintex leather is a high-grade artificial vegan leather option.

This brand is also incredibly attentive and will answer any questions you may have about the product. If you are looking for lightweight yet durable headgear, Venum Challenger 2.0 may be for you. This headgear is great for frequent sparring and practice.


  • Venum Challenger is incredibly lightweight

  • It uses a triple contoured foam to protect you from impact

  • It uses a two-way Velcro closure to fit all sizes

  • Venum is vegan because it uses Skintex Leather material instead of real leather

  • This headgear is breathable and cool

  • Venum Challenger provides great visibility


  • Venum Challenger 2.0 is only available in one size

  • This headgear may not be as secure compared to other headgear

  1. MaxxMMA Headgear Black

Best MMA Headgear

If you want headgear that is full-coverage but does not restrict your vision, MaxxMMA may be for you. MaxxMMA has a sturdy inner foam all around your head so you are protected on all sides. This headgear is suitable for absorbing the blow because of its multi-layer foams.

MaxxMMA also has a closed-cell foam to help absorb shock and high impact. This headgear is a great fit as well and available in larger sizes. MaxxMMA is also suitable for children and people who are only starting with MMA.

The headgear of MaxxMMA also undergoes rigorous testing to make sure that the quality stays consistent and does not break easily. MaxxMMA also uses innovative design and scientific research to help improve the quality of your headgear.


  • MaxxMMA is a 360-degree full-coverage headgear

  • It does not restrict your visibility

  • It uses a sturdy cell foam to help protect you from shock and impact

  • MaxxMMA has multi-layered foams so you are protected from all sides

  • This headgear is affordable

  • It is suitable for beginners and children practicing MMA

  • MaxMMA uses nanotechnology to improve the comfort and performance of its products

  • The headgear follows a US military standard testing plan to ensure that the quality of its product is consistent

  • MaxMMA headgear is made of PU leather or polyurethane leather which makes it extremely durable for a long time


  • MaxxMMA Headgear is not as secure compared to other headgear

  • This headgear does not come in smaller sizes

  1. Sanabul Battle Forged Headgear

Best MMA Headgear

If you want durable and sturdy headgear that can soften powerful blows, Sanabul Battle Forged headgear may be for you. This headgear is incredibly sturdy and has been tested by professional athletes to make sure your headgear can survive tough sparring sessions.

Sanabul Battle Forged headgear is suitable for any MMA sport because it fully protects your face from any impact. This headgear also has a closure system so your headgear would not move during sparring sessions.

Sanabul not only use professional athletes to test their products but also to fine-tune and improve the quality of their product. This headgear has been proven by thousands of users for its performance. Sanabul launched way back in 2014 and has continued providing users high-quality protective gear.


  • Sanabul Battle Forged is one of my favorites because it does not restrict your vision during sparring

  • This headgear is a snug and comfortable fit and is available in different sizes

  • Sanabul uses a contoured design for improved comfort

  • It uses an impact dispersion foam to soften high impact blows

  • Sanabul uses high-quality leather that increases its durability

  • Professional athletes test this headgear against intense sparring to make sure it is durable and high-quality


  • Sanabul can be expensive compared to other brands

  1. RDX Padded Kara Head Guard

Best MMA Headgear

Don’t you hate it when you are excited to use your headgear but it gets destroyed after a few uses? RDX Padded Kara is a headgear made of Maya Hide leather which makes sure that your head guard will last a long time.

The Maya Hide Leather does not wear out easily and proper maintenance can prolong its lifespan. This padded head guard is suitable for all MMA sport. It is designed for boxing, Muay Thai, and even kickboxing.

RDX Kara has a polygonal PU mold that increases its ability to absorb shock and make it resistant to impact. The padded foam is added on all sides, giving you full-coverage protection. However, this padded head guard also has an open top and ear to increase breathability during training.

When it comes to security, RDX Kara has an adjustable chin strap that you can use to reduce any chances of slippage. RDX Kara Headgear also has a rear entry design that allows you to easily take off and wear the headgear during training.


  • This headgear is made of Maya Hide leather, making it extremely durable

  • RDX Padded Kara Head Guard is a vegan leather option

  • This headgear is made of ultra-pliable material, improving its lifespan

  • It uses a polygonal fusion mold to maximize shock absorption

  • This headgear has EVA-lution foam padding, protecting you from high impact

  • You can adjust the chin strap to maximize comfort and avoid slippage

  • RDX Padded Kara has an open top and ear design to improve breathability

  • This headgear has a rear entrance so you can conveniently wear and take off the headgear at any time.

  • It is available in multiple sizes


  • Your chin can be vulnerable to impact because it only has a strap for adjustment

  • It can be expensive compared to other headgear options

  1. GINGPAI Boxing Headgear

Best MMA Headgear

Are you just starting in MMA sports? If so, the GINGPAI headgear provides a thick, contoured foam that absorbs powerful kicks and punches. This boxing headgear is full-coverage, protecting your head from all sides.

Gingpai is made of high-quality, PU leather that may help protect it from tears or fray. Gingpai is made of material that lasts for a long time, so you do not have to worry about replacing your headgear often. The inner material of Gingpai is Mesh, making it breathable while providing protection.

This boxing headgear also has an open-top design to improve breathability and keep you cool during training. Gingpai also has an adjustable velcro to improve your comfort and keep the headgear in place. Lastly, Gingpai headgear has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • Gingpai is made of high-quality PU leather that protects it from splitting, fraying, or tearing.

  • Gingpai Headgear uses a triple contoured foam that improves protection from shock and impact

  • It has an open-top design that increases its breathability and comfort

  • This headgear uses a velcro system that can adjust the size of the helmet according to your size

  • Gingpai uses a Hook and Loop system that secure the headgear into place

  • This brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase


  • Protection on the top part of the head may be limited

  • It may block your peripheral vision during training

Conclusion: The best MMA Headgear

When it comes to choosing the best MMA Headgear, you must take into consideration the comfortability and durability of the product. Sanabul Battle Forged Headguard is one of my personal favorites because it gives you a snug fit while protecting you from a blow.

Best MMA Headgear

Many headgears may reduce your vision, causing you to receive more blows and punches. Sanabul Battle Forged Headguard does not restrict your vision so you can get into training confidently. This head guard is also made of durable yet breathable materials, so you can expect them to last a long time.