Canelo remains an underdog for the September 15 rematch with Golovkin

Boxing fans reckon Gennady Golovkin to be almost 2/1 favorite in a fight with Saul Canelo Alvarez. The contest is set in the shape of a rematch which is supposed to take place on September 15 live from T-Mobile Arena, Last Vegas, Nevada. Bovada has predicted that Golovkin will win by the line -190 to Canelo at +155.

Another reason cited by boxing fans for believing that Canelo will lose the fight is that Canelo has tested positive twice for clenbuterol. This will discourage him from utilizing PEDs for this rematch as he would fear testing positive yet again and ultimately end up with a suspension from boxing.

The reason why Bovada is seeing Golovkin to vanquish Canelo is majorly influenced by the first match where Canelo was defeated. It is stressed that judges should act with more prudence while issuing a decision since last September it got quite controversial when one of them granted the win to Canelo 118-110 and another scored it a draw at 114-114.

It is predicted that Golovkin will try to knock out Canelo in the rematch in response to how things went in the first match back in September. Boxing fans can recollect that Golovkin did not go for KO in the last fight, instead GGG fought Canelo in an attempt to surpass the wins achieved by David Lemieux and Daniel Jacobs. Golovkin managed to keep a good score since he was able to defeat both of these boxers and got hit less too often. He tried to implement the same strategy in the fight against Canelo where he was seen staying on the outside for the most part but it just did not work this time as judges did not register it.

It is no doubt that Canelo is not the favorite for this rematch but nothing can be predicted. Canelo suffered due to his low stamina and the fact that he acquired the shape of a body builder just days before the fight. He was a decent looking mid ranger fighter and completely turned into a full fledge body builder physique just a few days before the contest. He did manage to get the muscles right but suffered with the stamina and could not last long. Golovkin triumphed over Canelo in 9 out of 12 rounds but the weird judgement of judges gave Alvarez a 12 round draw.