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How To Wrap Hands for Boxing

Boxing comes in different types, and regardless of the type of boxing you do, it is of absolute importance to wrap your hands to support and protect your hands. Wrapping the hands is an important thing to do before you enter the ring. Most boxers wrap their hands to protect their muscles and tendons and to have added support to the movements of their wrists.

Why Wrapping the Hands for Boxing Necessary and Why They Turn to Hand Wraps? 

Why should boxers wrap their hands anyway? The major purpose of wrapping their hands is protecting their most crucial weapon-their hands. The hands are made of numerous delicate bones and fragile joints that can break easily due to the impacts of repeated punches.

Many boxers, therefore, turn to hand wraps for extra protection. Hand also wraps secure loose joints and movable bones. These wraps fasten the joints together, so the shock is better distributed all over the hands. You may not want your joints to move independently when your hand strikes the heavy bag or your opponent. You might even suffer from a serious fracture if the joints move in their own direction.

Moreover, if the hands are loose when throwing a punch, it’s easy for small joints in the hands to collapse and break. Though you may not end up breaking your hand, you do not want to risk hand injuries that will stop you from doing other activities like typing, carrying things, and more.

Now that you have learned the importance of wrapping the hands before entering the ring, the next thing you need to learn are ways on how to wrap the hands for boxing the right way.

Easy Yet Effective Ways on How to Wrap Hands for Boxing Revealed

Wrapping the hands for boxing can be done by following these ways:

  • Start by unrolling the hand wrap to reveal the thumb loop in the end.

  • Place the wrap around the base of the thumb and then pull it across the back of the hand. You begin by going through the back of the hands, so when you make a fit, it will eventually clinch up the beginning of the hand wrap just enough to make it steady and secure every time you make a fist.

  • Wrap around the knuckles thrice. Make sure that the wrapping is high enough and just below the first knuckle so when you make a fist, the punching surface is fully padded and not just your knuckles.

  • The next thing to do is cross over the hand’s back and wrap around the wrist about three times.

  • Go up and across the palm. You must loop the hand wrap between your thumbs.

  • Go back again across your palm and over the back of your hand, try to loop the wrap properly halfway around your thumb from the other direction. This must secure the thumb from both directions.

  • You then need to wrap your wrist back. Use your thumb as an anchor and start wrapping between every finger beginning between the ring and pinky finger. Make your thumb completely extended so wrap will come up from the base of the thumb. You need to wrap between every knuckle to help keep the natural and proper separation existing between every knuckle. If you mis-hit against the side, this helps maintain the right space and cushion between knuckles. It also prevents smashing together if you do not strike the bag’s surface or strike the opponent directly.

  • As soon as the three spaces between your fingers and knuckles have been properly wrapped, use your thumb one last time as an anchor to come back up around the outside of your knuckles. You must wrap them together three times. This helps in maintaining the right distance between your knuckles by not letting them separate during impact. The wrap on the knuckles also holds them in place.

  • Cross over at the back of your hand. For at least three times more, wrap around your wrist.

  • If there is still more wrap, consider crossing back and forth over the back of your hand, creating an X pattern.

How To Wrap Hands for Boxing

In case you cannot complete three or even more than three final wraps in your wrists, your wrap may be too small, so get a wrap that would allow full protection. If, on the other hand, you still got more wraps, consider a shorter wrap. Keep in mind that excessive wraps will stop you from making a tight and good fist. Ensure that your wrap is snug enough to stay securely in place but never too tight to the extent of cutting off circulation.

Learn how to wrap hands for boxing not just to prevent unwanted injury but also to increase your punching power. Many individuals these days, especially those who are into boxing, are showing interest in learning these ways how to wrap hands for boxing.

Additional Hand Wrapping Tips 

The following are additional tips to help you in hand wrapping for boxing:

  • Everything must feel good. The hand should be relaxed when you are not making a fist and should tighten when you’re closing your hands. In case your hands hurt after half an hour or your fingers turn white, it may be too tight. There are various ways to wrap the hands for boxing, but if your hands are properly secured and protected, that’s what matters the most.
  • Some boxers love to throw powerful straights and focus more on wrapping on the wrists. Other fighters focus more on putting a layer of tape around their wrist before wrapping the hands for a stiff right hand. Some want fewer wraps on the wrist to give way for more flexibility for uppercuts and hooks.
  • Wrapping the hands is a bit different when it comes to professional fighters. They often make use of long wraps and add more padding to their knuckles. Professional fighters need more of this additional protection since they are throwing harder punches.

Investing in Quality Hand Wraps 

Wraps are specially designed to give mechanical support to the hand and wrist in situations where these factors might affect the wrist’s well-being detrimentally. These wraps can protect you every time you throw a punch with inadequate or poor technique. Moreover, if you have smaller hands, wraps can work by filling up spaces in your glove to avoid movement and friction.

Do not think that boxing is too dangerous; just like any other sport, injury can happen. By taking the right precautions and investing in protective gear like hand wraps, you can protect your hands and body and play boxing confidently. The two major things that hand wraps offer are support for the wrists and protection of the knuckles.

Features to Look for When Buying Hand Wraps 

When planning to purchase hand wraps, do not just settle for the product that first comes your way. You need to shop around and weigh your options and most of all, look for the following features:

  • Stretchability-avoid choosing wraps that easily loosen up. However, stretchability is still a matter of personal choice. Some want standard wraps, while others want advanced wraps offering more elasticity.
  • Length-remember that longer wraps provide more security than shorter ones since they have more materials to cover the hands. Longer wraps are suited for those undergoing sparring training or those with bigger hands. On the other hand, shorter wraps are perfect for individuals with petite hands or do shadow-boxing workouts that don’t involve contacts.
  • Width-most hand wraps measure around 2 inches but can vary widely. There are some brands of hand wraps offering wider bandages while others provide thinner bandages. Again, width is also a matter of personal choice and fondness for real comfort, ease, style, and security. Take the hand wrap’s width into consideration when planning to purchase one.
  • Color-This factor can also be based on personal taste or preference but is an important feature to look for when buying hand wraps. Choose a color that doesn’t get dirty and looks good with your style.
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The market is bombarded with plenty of choices for hand wraps. Still, one of the highly recommended products worth investing in is Gold BJJ Boxing Hand Wraps - Extra Long Mexican Style 200” Handwraps for Boxers, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. This product fully provides protection for the wearer’s wrists and hands, whether you are sparring, conditioning, or punching a heavy bag. This hand wrap gives the appropriate stretch and is comfortable and secure.

The Gold BBJ Boxing hand wraps is featuring a one-of-a-kind thumb-closure hook & loop with a special “this side down” print so you won’t be ending up with twisted wraps. What is more, these wraps are machine washable. You can use this as you train hard, then just toss the hand wraps in the washer after use. These hand wraps are nylon and cotton blend made that’s dryer and washer safe. If you are planning to invest in hand wraps that you can use for wrapping your hands for boxing, this product can be your best bet.