Kickboxing Gloves VS Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are essential for your boxing habit; however, there are different types of gloves; in this article, we will discuss the difference between kickboxing gloves vs. boxing gloves. 

With a quality pair of gloves, you can focus more on your boxing training. With this, you can make the best of your performance. There are lots of options for gloves in the market. There are several types, styles and brands of gloves, making it challenging for you to choose the best ones for your needs. 

Worry no more because this post will help you. We will help you understand the difference between boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves. You can learn about their features and more. So, you can get the best gloves for your specific activity and needs. It can help to enhance your training quality. In addition, you can feel more comfortable while using your gloves. Which one is best for you, kickboxing gloves or boxing gloves? Read more to find out the answer.

Which is better? Kickboxing gloves VS Boxing gloves

It is quite confusing which are suitable gloves for you, especially if you’re not familiar with these types of gloves. Don’t worry because we will help you with this matter. Kickboxing is among the popular martial arts today. In this sport, you use your feet as a weapon over your opponent and in addition to throwing punches. The gloves in kickboxing and classic boxing are used for protection, but which is better? Boxing gloves are made to offer extra support and cushioning to the knuckles as you throw a punch to your opponent. On the other hand, kickboxing gloves are made to give you more flexibility to your hands while catching kicks, even in close quarters. 

Boxing gloves are better to use for heavy punches for long periods. Meanwhile, the kickboxing gloves are better for catching, striking, blocking and clinching kicks. The boxing gloves come with a grip bar and padding on the knuckle for impact absorption. Kickboxing comes with many attack options, so the kickboxing gloves don’t focus on knuckles’ protection. It doesn’t have a grip bar like the boxing gloves. 

Which is Best For: Kickboxing gloves VS Boxing gloves

Kickboxing gloves and boxing gloves for their specific sports, but which is best for different cases? Read further. If you’re into boxing, it is better to use boxing gloves, but if you’re into kickboxing, it is wise to use kickboxing gloves. Let us know more about these types of gloves. The boxing gloves come with a closure system based on laces and have a grip bar, padding on the knuckle to absorb impact. Therefore, a boxing glove is best if you throw punches for a prolonged time. It can offer protection to your hands and to your opponent to avoid serious injuries. The boxing gloves are made from different materials. 

The kickboxing gloves are made from a single piece of solid foam that spans from the wrist to fingertips, including your thumb. These gloves are more compact and smaller than boxing gloves. Most of the protective foam padding was concentrated on the back of the hand. It is best to block incoming strikes. Meanwhile, kickboxing gloves come with enhanced flexibility. It doesn’t have a grip bar, so it is best if you want a better control on your hands. Additionally, it can provide you with a better grip compared to boxing gloves. It is the best glove if you want a full kickboxing experience. 

If you want to learn more about boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves, keep reading. 

Comparison: Kickboxing gloves VS Boxing gloves

Let us know about the features of these types of gloves below. 


Boxing gloves are designed from different materials, including genuine leather, synthetic leather and interior padding made from foam. So, the gloves come with better impact absorption. The boxing glove’s inner protection is focused around your knuckle. It can help to protect your hands from severe injuries as you strike your opponent. Some boxing gloves also come with a thick layer of foam padding on the interior of your palm. It allows you to parry incoming punches without getting damage. The materials used in boxing gloves come with durability and quality. 

Like we mentioned above, kickboxing gloves are made with one piece of solid foam that spans from your wrist to your fingertips, including your thumb. Most of the protective foam padding is focused on the hand’s back to block strikes. Your knuckle area is more exposed compared to the boxing gloves. When it comes to materials used, the boxing glove is the winner since it is more durable than the kickboxing glove. 


The boxing gloves can offer more knuckles protection than the kickboxing gloves. Thus, boxing involves heavy punches with prolonged periods. The point of contact for every punch is on the knuckles, so it’s crucial that your knuckles are well-protected. In kickboxing, the gloves are protective gear for catching, striking, blocking and clinching kicks. 

They both offer reliable protection as you perform your specific sport. With that, you can avoid serious injuries. 


When it comes to flexibility, boxing gloves are more rigid than kickboxing gloves. The boxing gloves are made to prevent your wrist from flexing as you throw a punch. The gloves have bigger cuffs. The wrist area is also tighter than other gloves. 

Kickboxing gloves are more flexible than boxing gloves. You can have more control over your hands and have a better grip than the boxing gloves. You can easily open your hand with kickboxing gloves. It is less rigid compared to boxing gloves. With these flexible gloves, you can catch the kicks of your opponent. It doesn’t have a grip bar, so it can provide you with optimum flexibility. You can open and close your hands easily with kickboxing gloves. So, the kickboxing glove is the winner when it comes to flexibility. 


In boxing, you use your fists to throw punch after punch on your opponent. It can put more stress on your knuckles, so the gloves usually have more protective padding in the knuckle area. Usually, boxing gloves don’t have padding around the palms and wrists. However, there is some padding on lace-up gloves to add support. 

The kickboxing gloves padding is distributed evenly. The thumb and knuckle padding are not prevalent on these gloves. Meanwhile, it has more padding on the back of the hand. Thus, kickboxing requires better protection from the strong kicks of your opponent. 

Style and shape

In boxing, your main weapon is your fist. So, a clenched fist can provide a dense and powerful punch. The boxing gloves are rounded at your fingers to create a more natural fist. These gloves come with a bigger cuff area attached to the hands with Velcro or lace. With the gloves, you can have a more natural extension of your forearms. Boxing gloves have various shapes depending on the brand.

Some have rounded shapes, and some are slightly flatter. There are also boxing gloves that are thinner at the wrists and more angled on the fist. The main goal of boxing gloves is to provide you the right position of tightly clenched fists. The boxing gloves’ weight distribution is geared to fast combinations of strong hits than the kickboxing gloves. 

On the other side, the kickboxing gloves come in a shape that resembles the boxing gloves but have some differences. These gloves are less rounded and squarer compared to boxing gloves. Meanwhile, it is not as aerodynamic compared to other gloves, so it is hard to create fast combinations. 

Kickboxing gloves are usually slightly open at the palm because their function is different from the boxing gloves. It also comes with a smaller cuff for enhanced flexibility. The kickboxing gloves don’t have a mesh area on the palms, unlike the boxing gloves. 

Thumb area

In boxing gloves, your thumb is tightly tucked to your fist as possible and protected by the knuckle padding. It is attached with a strip at the glove to attached fully with leather between the thumb and your hands. You can keep your thumb out as much as possible to avoid it from being injured or hit. 

Your thumb is a little less tucked into your hands in a kickboxing glove. With this, you can have a better grip while clinching and catching. The kickboxing gloves come with a straight thumb that is molded directly to the actual glove frame. 


A pair of gloves are available in different pricing ranges. Both boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves can be availed at expensive and affordable costs, depending on the brand. So, you can choose the best gloves that match your budget and needs. Luckily, there are still quality and durable pairs of gloves at a wallet-friendly price. 


Boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves are both available in different designs and colors. With that, you can choose the best ones that suit your taste and standards. 

Kickboxing gloves VS Boxing gloves: The Winner

To sum it up, boxing and kickboxing are two different sports. With that, the gloves you use depends on your specific sports. You can use your feet and hands in kickboxing, while you only use your hands in boxing. Boxing involves blocks and punches, while kickboxing includes kicks and punches. So, boxing gloves can give you additional support and cushion on your knuckles.

Kickboxing gloves can give you more flexibility on your hands for catching kicks, even in close quarters. You can use boxing gloves or kickboxing gloves for your training. However, if you want to give your best in everything in the ring, using the right glove for your specific sports is best. Both kickboxing gloves and boxing gloves are best overall when it comes to a particular sport. 

Which is best for the buyer? Kickboxing gloves VS Boxing gloves

If you want to get serious about your boxing skills, it is best to get a pair of boxing gloves. It can offer you extra protection for your hands. With that, you can avoid serious injuries while fighting in the ring.

Additionally, you can also throw powerful punches to your opponent. Keep in mind that boxing gloves are available in different shapes, styles and qualities. You should be careful in choosing the best pair of boxing gloves that suit your needs and fighting style. Remember that the wrong gloves can affect your performance. It can also increase the risk of injury, so make sure to get quality and reliable boxing gloves that can make the best of your experience in the ring. 

If you want to experience a complete kickboxing, the kickboxing gloves are suitable for you. With these gloves, you can have complete control of your hands and create a better grip on your fight.

The kickboxing glove can be the best option if you want more flexibility for your hands. These gloves allow you to open and close your hands easily. It can help you catch the kicks of your opponent. 

Generally, the appropriate boxing gloves are the best option for your sport. So, it is best to choose boxing gloves in boxing and kickboxing gloves for kickboxing. You can use both boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves for your training, but the right gloves can provide you the best protection and increase your performance in your sport. There are lots of gloves on the market, so choose the right ones that match your preference and individual needs. 

Buying Guide for Boxing Gloves

Since there are many options for boxing gloves, you should be careful in choosing the right pair of gloves for you. Don’t worry because we will help you. The following is a buying guide for boxing gloves. 

Type of boxing gloves

Boxing gloves come in different types. You can decide which type of boxing gloves you’re going to buy.

Bag gloves

This type doesn’t have heavy two-to-four foam layers. Bag gloves can offer you with great workout without making your wrists damaged. It is designed for lengthy sessions, so you can have a full day workout without wearing you out. 

All-purpose training gloves

If you want to enhance your boxing training experience, these gloves are for you. You can use it for training with punching bags or sparring partners. It has wrist support and plush padding for prolonged training sessions without making your wrists sprained and sore. These gloves are beginner-friendly.

Competition gloves

Competition gloves can be easily distinguished because of their minimal padding design. It is best for short matches among serious fighters in actual competition. If you’re a beginner, these boxing gloves are not for you. 

Sparring gloves 

These gloves are the middle ground between real competition and training gloves. It comes with enough support and padding for extensive workouts. For sparring, it is best to use heavier gloves. You can use lighter gloves for competitions and fights. 


Another thing to consider when buying your boxing gloves is the materials used. Usually, boxing gloves are made in leather and synthetic alternatives. You can opt for the right grain and leather exteriors for smooth strikes. It can also reduce the risk of abrasion against bags and sparring partners. Synthetic exteriors are made for blow impact absorption. 


The size of the boxing gloves can be determined by different factors, including the type of glove, size of the fighter, kind of competition and fighting organization. The bigger you are, the heavier your boxing gloves can be. Your body weight is an essential factor in finding the correct weight of your boxing gloves. 


Boxing gloves are available at different pricing. Choose quality pair of gloves that suit your budget and needs. 


Quality boxing gloves can help you to perform better. It also reduces the risk of injury while fighting. You can get quality boxing gloves from reliable brands on the market. 

By applying these buying tips, you can get the best pair of boxing gloves that will enhance your experience in the ring. 

Buying Guide for Kickboxing Gloves

Like boxing gloves, there are also many options of kickboxing gloves out there. Don’t worry because here is a buying guide to get the best quality kickboxing gloves.


One thing to consider when buying kickboxing clothes is the size. Your style and habit can help you determine the right size of kickboxing gloves for you. The bigger the gloves, the heavier they can be. Make sure to choose the right size for your maximum comfort and performance. 


You can get quality and durable kickboxing gloves that can offer good value for your money and time. Make sure to purchase kickboxing gloves from trusted brands. 


Kickboxing gloves are also available in different pricing options. So, you can choose the best ones that perfectly match your needs and budget. Don’t worry because there are quality gloves that you can avail of for a budget-friendly cost. 


Kickboxing gloves come in various styles and designs, so you can get the best ones that suit your routine. You can opt for gloves that have a reliable wrist support system to avoid wrist sprains and injuries. 

Padding and material 

The most common material for kickboxing gloves is genuine leather. They are long-lasting and more durable compared to other gloves. Meanwhile, leather kickboxing gloves usually come with a high price tag, but it is worth it. If you want a budget-friendly glove, you can opt for those designed with vinyl or lower-quality materials. 


It is also essential to consider the weight of the gloves when buying. You can choose thin gloves for exercising. The weight can depend on the type of your fight. It is best to get lightweight gloves for training to reduce injuries. 

By considering these factors, you can purchase the best quality kickboxing gloves that can improve your skills. You can also avoid injuries while enhancing the quality of your training or match. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about kickboxing and boxing gloves, consider the frequently asked questions below.

What is the main difference between boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves?

The main difference between boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves is that kickboxing gloves are less rigid compared to boxing gloves. However, kickboxing gloves come with great versatility than boxing gloves. On the other hand, boxing gloves are more rigid and durable than kickboxing gloves. 

Can you use kickboxing gloves for boxing? 

You can use kickboxing gloves for your training in boxing. However, if you’re serious about improving your boxing skills, it is a good idea to use boxing gloves for your training and fights. It is also beneficial to avoid injuries. Meanwhile, it is also good to use kickboxing gloves for kickboxing to make the best of your experience with the sport. With suitable gloves, you can focus more on your fight and training. 

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Like what we mentioned earlier, there are many boxing and kickboxing gloves out there. It can be challenging for you to choose the best ones for you. With the help of this comparison, we hope that you already decide which one is right for you. 

With the right pair of gloves, you can give your best performance at your specific activity. In addition, it can also provide you with maximum protection against potential injuries during your fight. With quality gloves, you can focus more and give your full potential to win your game. 

Are you ready to level up your boxing or kickboxing experience? Then, you should choose the best gloves for your sports. In this way, you can also improve your fighting skills. 

Kickboxing Gloves VS Boxing Gloves

Kickboxing Gloves VS Boxing Gloves

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