Mayweather Vs McGregor: Let The Cage Be The Stage One More Time!

When you think you’ve seen it all, there is always one more thing that will make you eat your words! In the world of boxing and mixed martial arts, it’s always a sight for sore eyes to see two competent contenders dancing in the ring to the tune of the fight-hungry crowd!
So, to the fans of the jaw breaking, nose bleeding and ribs cracking sport, get ready for a possible rematch between the two champions of their own turf; Mayweather and McGregor.

Last August has been one heck of a month, hosting the biggest money fight of the year. In one corner is the American 50-0, experienced boxer, Floyd Mayweather. The man who has a five-year championship win under his belt, against the Irish Blooded UFC lightweight champion, Connor McGregor with his swift feet and quick jabs. The fight of good long ten rounds, was one crowd pleaser. Playing on Mayweather’s turf was a rookie move by the Octagon champion McGregor, but a bold one, nevertheless. McGregor admits to being, ‘a little floppy when getting tired’, while respecting the composure of his opponent. While, Floyd acknowledges his decision of ‘choosing the right partner for his last dance that is his last fight’.

The slow dance began with McGregor taking the lead with his quick punches, swift kicks and targeted jabs, keeping the fans on the edge of his seats, but not having to fight a fight stretched out this long, eventually succumbed to fatigue. A beautiful opportunity for Mayweather to avail, and take the lead for his ‘partner’, swaying him to the music of his own rhythmic strategy. Eventually bagging the victory for that match, and maintaining his spotless record and that too for the last time. An ideal way to announce your retirement and bid farewell to millions of fans, with one last show on his own turf.

Both the champions gave their two cents on the match but recently fans have been seeing a light banter in the comment sections between the two for a possible rematch in the summers. But this time, in the ring of the Irish champion, McGregor. The spokesperson has shut down the rumors but where there is smoke, there is bound to be fire or more like a slight spark ignited for a possible rematch. TMZ has claimed that the Five-weight world champion was seen to be ‘training like a maniac’, which the fans took it as a probable out-of-retirement comeback for Floyd Mayweather. But the Showtime Sports anchor, Stephen Espinoza states that the chances for Mayweather to agree to a rematch with McGregor are slim if the Michigan Native decides otherwise and gives the UFC star another shot to redeem himself, and that too on his own ground!
All we can do is, sit tight and wait for the next possible multi-million-dollar super fight between the five weight boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather and the UFC lightweight champion, Connor McGregor.

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