Murata vs. Brant on horizon as WBA issues orders

World Boxing Association has ordered WBA World middleweight champion Ryota Murata to defend against Number 3 WBA Rob Brant. WBA has reportedly dispatched letters to the management of Murata and Brant. They have the time until July 15 to make a decision.

Brant who is 27 was defeated by Juergen Braehmer by a jaw dropping 12 round unanimous decision last October in a completely one sided match. It is understandable as to why did Brant lose the fight to Braehmer, because he normally fights at light heavyweight most of the time. Braehmer had moved down from 175 and Brant moved up from middleweight just for WBSS super middleweight tournament. Brant clearly did not belong in ring with Braehmer.
After this humiliating defeat, Brant defeated Colby Courte by a 1st round knockout in March last year. Brant looked furious in this fight, maybe he was trying to hurl out all that frustration. Also the fight was against a non-world class level foe which does not mean a lot. Brant is adept at defeating those kind of fighters but it would only be great if he could defeat top fighters.

Clearly Brant has not yet done anything to deserve high ranks with the WBA. His best victories are against Dionisio Miranda, Alexis Hloros and the likes. On the other hand Murata has won against fighters like Hassan NDam, Bruno Sandoval and Geore Tahdooahnippah. Murata has fought fierce and atrocious opponents which gives him an edge over Brant upon analysis.

This is going to be second defense for Murata for his WBA title that he had won just last October after beating Hassan N’Dam. Boxing fans think that Murata must have won the first fight. He received severe lambasting for always facing weaker oppositions during his 5 year professional career. He won an Olympic gold medal in the year 2012. However, it was a controversial one for him.

Gennady Golovkin better known as ‘GGG’ could very much face Murata later this year in December in Japan. This fight can make tons of money and fans are really looking forward to it.