O’Sullivan remains optimistic to fight on the undercard of GGG-Canelo rematch

Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan said that he is willing to fight on the undercard of the much awaited rematch between Canelo and Golovkin on September 15. He says that he is in line to face the winner of this match. He has five fights remaining on his contract. He is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and has a contract with them at the moment.

O’Sullivan had fought Golovkin on May 5 but he then refused to take the fight when it was moved from HBO pay per view to regular HBO. This brought less fortune to O’Sullivan so he had to decline. The only reason cited for Golovkin’s team to agree for a match with O’Sullivan is that Canelo had backed out from the fight and there was no good player to fight as a substitute. O’Sullivan is still not a popular player and is known by only those fans who are really into boxing. He does not have a good reputation either.

O’Sullivan said, “I have been promised a spot on the GGG-Canelo undercard before being in line to face the winner”.

It is fair to predict that Golovkin is not going to waste yet another fight against a low level player like O’Sullivan. In case a fight like this takes place, there would be chaos. Boxing fans would never approve of this match. They can digest a fight against WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders but not against a low level player like O’Sullivan. The only players boxing fans would approve of Golovkin to fight besides Canelo are Jermall Charlo, and Demetris Andrade.

O’Sullivan said, “I have a five-fight contract with Golden Boy, with three still remaining, and they promised me, after my last fight, that I would be on this September undercard before being in line to face the winner,”

U.S fans have absolutely no interest in witnessing a match between Golovkin and Saunders as it would be one sided, Golovkin would crush Saunders in the blink of an eye. O’Sullivon is the kind of boxer on whom Canelo and Saunders can take out their frustration after losing a fight. O’Sullivon can be treated as someone you fight for boosting your morale.

One more thing that needs to be added here is that O’Sullivan had very recently triumphed over welterweight Berlin Abreu on May 4. However, it remains unclear as to why he was matched with welterweight instead of someone from his own middleweight class.