Focus Mitts – Red And Black


Focus Mitts – Red And Black

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Elite Focus Mitts with Hand-Shaped Mould to fit the natural curvature. Ultra light foam provides shock absorbency. The Half Ball Palm Grip allows a comfortable and secure grip and Mesh Backing keeps the hands cool and increases breath-ability.


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When it comes to using boxing mitts the common perception is that they just receive punches. But in fact, they are very versatile boxing tool. Boxing mitts are actually a padded target that is attached to a glove. It is usually used by boxers to train themselves.

Boxing mitts are considered to be one of the best tools to develop and enhance your reflexes. Punching the mitts also help you to build your punching and defense techniques. Mitts can be very effective for teaching punching and striking skill.

How boxing Mitts Are Used?

Focus mitts are used for training a boxer for different challenges. The trainer or coach usually hold mitts at different position and ranges. Boxer has to punch them or defend himself from it. The boxer and trainer have to work in conjunction to develop the attacking and defensive techniques. Mitts help you conduct various types of drills to improve and develop your fighting skills.

Best Focus Mitts Online:

You can buy punching mitts online from Boxing Black Belt as it is providing its customers with the best quality punching mitts. We have made these focus mitts to perfection while keeping in mind your need along with your comfort. We believe in delivering you the best always. These Focus mitts come with the following features:

  • Ultra-Light Foam
  • High Quality and Durable Material
  • Hand Shaped Mould
  • Half Ball Palm Grip
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap with Mesh Backing

Ultra-Light Foam:

The best punch mitt must be able to absorb the impact of a punch and lessen the chances of any physical injury. We have made these focus mitts with ultra-light foam which provides superior shock absorbency while limiting trainer fatigue

High Quality and Durable Material:

The leather is famous for its natural properties to absorb an impact. While you train you to need something that is very good at protecting your hands from any sort of injury. For this purpose, we have chosen performance engineered leather construction. High quality and durable leather are easy to clean and maintain.

Half Ball Palm Grip:

Gripping the mitts and positioning is the most essential factor in training. Holding the boxing punch mitt at right position and distance helps the boxer to tackle real-life boxing challenges. For this purpose, we provide you hall ball palm grip. It is comfortable and its firm grip helps in preventing injury to the coach pad user.

Adjustable Wrist Strap with Mesh Backing:

Keeping the hands’ cooler during training is a challenge. You train you to sweat, it’s not anyone’s fault. To overcome the unease caused by sweat we have come up with mesh backing. The net-like backing keeps the hand cooler and increases the breath-ability of the mitts. You can tighten up your gloves as these focus mitts come with an adjustable wrist strap.

How to take care and extend the life of Your Sparring Gloves:

Mitts are a constant part of your boxing training and are always in contact with sweaty hands. Like any other sports gear punching mitts also need care. Mitts can develop foul smell and their leather can start tearing because of excessive contact with moisture. Follow the following simple steps to extend the life of your boxer punch mitts:

  • After training doesn’t put them in the bag. Let them dry in open air first.
  • Dry your gloves thoroughly from inside as well as outside.
  • Wash them in hot water with mild soap.
  • Don’t dry them in a dryer.
  • Keep them away from sunlight and moisture as they can damage the leather.

If you are looking to develop and enhance your punching skills quickly, adapt your body to real life fight challenges and have versatile training session then buy punching mitts and gloves online from Boxing Black Belt. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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