Elite Training Gloves Edition 1 (Blue)

Elite Training Gloves Edition 1 (Blue)


Elite Sparring Gloves with Mould Padding which provide Cushioning and Jump/Shock Absorption. Made from Cow Leather Material to provide comfort. Available in 10 Oz size.

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There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. And when it comes to boxing, you cannot be any good without sweating for hours in training. Sparring is the most important factor in the progress of a boxer. A boxer spends hours sparring, developing different techniques to attack, defend and to counter-attack. But the question arises are there a different type of sparring gloves that are used for this purpose?

Use of Sparring Gloves:

Sparring gloves are made in a way that you bear less impact on your hands thus preventing any injury. These training gloves have different mold and paddling area. The paddling is more cushioned thus ensuring that your opponent is not getting hurt. The main purpose of Sparring gloves is to develop skills and not hurting or knocking out your opponent.

Sparring gloves are basically used to replicate a fight scene with your boxing partner during the workout by making contact with them. Sparring gloves several coating of cushion which help them reduce the impact of punch between the two boxers. Variety of sparring gloves for men, women, and Youth are available.

The Best Sparring Gloves Online:

Boxing Black Belt provides you the best Sparring Gloves Online. We keep in mind all the important features for the precision and comfort of our customers without making any compromises. We consider following elements before bringing you the best Sparring Gloves Online.

  • Knuckle protection
  • Durability
  • Comfort and Fit
  • Value

Knuckle Protection:

Training gloves are designed in a way so that they could achieve a certain amount of compression. If the material used loses the capacity to reduce the impact by compression then it puts the boxer in danger of damaging his/her knuckles. That is why we have used Mold Padding for cushioning and jump/shock absorption thus keeping the boxer safe from any serious injury.


A good training glove must have a higher tendency to receive less high-speed impacts, tears, and scrapes. For this specific purpose, leather is the best material available. That is why we have chosen Cow Leather because of its high durability and natural properties.

Comfort and Fit:

Using cow leather with mold padding these sparring gloves are available in 2 weights. The 2 weights, 10 oz and 12 oz which are most commonly used by amateurs. The Boxing Black Belt keeps in mind the comfort of their customers and provides high quality best fitting Sparring gloves.


Boxing Black Belt provides high-quality sparring gloves at an unbeatable price. You can now purchase a pair from our website for just 70.0 dollars.

Stunning Colors:

These sparring gloves come in two stunning colors. It has an adjustable grip and comes in stunning Red and Blue colors. Sparring gloves blue gives a cool, calm and tranquil feel. Whereas, Red makes you look dangerous. You can select any one which suits your taste. Alongside comfort, you will be getting some nice and stunning visuals.


How to take care and extend the life of Your Sparring Gloves:

No matter how high-quality product you use, you need to take care of it in order to prolong its lifeline. It is very crucial to take good care of your gloves. Here are some ways that can you maintain your gloves:

  • In order to increase the lifespan of your gloves always dry them out after training.
  • Always keep your gloves in a cool place and out of the way of direct sunlight. Sunlight and moisture can damage the leather.
  • Leather can tear and crack with the passage of time. To prevent this use leather conditioner to prolong the life of your gloves.


Importance of Sparring Gloves:

Protect your hands by choosing right boxing gloves

Now you can pretty much guess the basic reason for wearing gloves. The game of boxing has been present in the world since ancient Greeks era. The most important gear used in the game of boxing is a pair of gloves. Gloves have been present roughly since past 3000 years. The Greek game Pugilism is the origin of Boxing. In the beginning, Greeks used to protect their hand by covering them with leather straps. After so many years gloves have through so many variations, getting safer and safer. Now you can train against any punching equipment without hurting your hands.


What protection do the Sparring Gloves provide?

The style of boxing recognized today was introduced in the 18th century in England. But at that time gloves were used only for training and fights were fought with bare knuckles. Thanks to Queensbury Rules established in 1867 gloves were made a requirement in the fights.

Back in the days, fighting bare-knuckles made the worst impacts cutting skin and breaking of bones. And never forget, dirty tactics like poking eyes with a thumb was always a possibility. This is where the gloves came in. These gloves fit around your hands giving a proper fist shape and providing protection to the whole back of the hand and your thumb. The padding reduces the impact on both the boxer and the opponent. The risk of brain injuries and concussions is however not much less as many boxers have suffered from severe head injuries even after being hit by an opponent wearing gloves.

Precautions must be taken. Enjoy the sport and take all the precautionary measures. Stay safe!

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