Promoter Eddie Hearn signs injury-laden Keith Thurman

Most famous promoter of the boxing world Eddie Hearn is rumored to be promoting Keith Thurman. It has been reliably learnt that Keith is on the brink of signing a contract with Eddie Hearn. Hearn has recently signed a $1 billion deal for 8 years with DAZN/Perform. Keith Thurman according to latest reports is training in near Tokyo, Japan. Hearn was there last Friday to watch the fight between Jamie McDonnell vs Naoya Inoue. Hearn actually promotes and campaigns for Jamie McDonnell.

It is pertinent to mention that Thurman only fights once a year. Critics are calling it a risky move on the part of Hearn to promote Thurman. They are equating it with NFL team signing a college level soccer player that just suffered a knee injury. Now it is for us to whether Hearn will continue promoting him or just back out and crumble the contract after 1 or 2 fights. Critics are of the opinion that it is highly that unlikely Hearn will let Thurman ride his horses as the later might not have the potential required for some really great fights.

However this comes with a positive that signing Thurman might help him get some of the top names in the United States to sign with Matchroom Boxing USA. This will help take Matchroom Boxing to stability. Hearn signing Thurman will give a ray of hope to other fighters that they might also get a break. However, it might not be the case at all as Thurman is perceived as a weak and fragile fighter who is 29 and had some serious setbacks. Thurman takes fighting as part time which creates further question marks.

It is still unclear how much is being offered to Thurman. Hearn had offered Adrien Broner about $2 million per fight for a total of 3 fight deal for 1 year. However, Adrien put his offer down so it is speculated that Hearn’s offer to Thurman would be higher than this as Thurman holds the world champion title to his name and is still unbeaten. But it is still important to note that Hearn might be investing into the wrong fighter as Thurman is inflicted with injury.

Hearn should place a duration limit on his contract with Thurman. As Thurman is inflicted with an injury and is significantly weak and fragile, there is a possibility that he might not be capable to take part in 3 fights per year. So this will cause Hearn to wait for a very long before his deal is completed with Thurman. Therefore, it is suggested that Hearn may impose a duration limit that in case Thurman fails to participate in 3 fights per year, Hearn can opt out of the deal. As fighting just once a year will not improve Hearn’s image and his popularity will not increase.

Critics are scrutinizing Hearn’s decision to sign a deal with Thurman since he is injury laden and does not have a good track record especially after his injury. However, he still has a title to his name and remains unbeaten but for how long?