Tyson Fury

Returning heavyweight champion ‘Tyson Fury’ turns down Eddie Hearn

This year has been filled with surprises and we are not even past May. The world of heavy weight boxing has a lot going on which is sending shivers down the viewer’s spines.

Championships are all prevailing on the horizon especially with Anthony Joshua who has triumphed over the hard and dangerous looking Joseph Parker to bring an addition to his huge list of titles.

Wilder who holds the remaining elite heavyweight WBC belt to his name had defeated Luis Ortiz a few weeks back to retain his title. Joshua is now eyeing this title and would most probably perform his heart out to bring yet another addition to his humongous list of already won titles.

While these two look very dominant on the scene, it would be absolutely careless of us to forget about the world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury who is returning with full energy.
It is worthy to mention that yes we are talking about Fury who is famous for vanquishing Wladimir Klitschko for a whopping four world titles all the way back in 2015.

Although he had announced his retirement, Fury is scheduled to make a comeback. He is anticipated to reign over the ring next month and is promoted by the famous Frank Warren who campaigns for many other boxers as well.
Things have taken a sore turn as Fury is reported to have turned down Eddie Hearn’s offer for boxing comeback in favor of Warren. It is astonishingly unbelievable for the fans as Eddie is popular with boxers but Fury dissents and says he has a good reason to back this.

“I was happily retired, 27 stone with a hell of cash and I didn’t need to come back.. boxing needed me. So to get me out of retirement, I needed a God damn lot of money and Eddie Hearn could not afford it.”
Fury also answered as to why he decided to go with Frank Warren.

“They call him Frank the Magic Man and I needed a little bit of magic to get back to the top,”.
Yet the mystery remains unsolved as to exactly why earn wouldn’t be able to afford Fury, as Hearn just struck a $1billion deal to expand his brand in the United States and is already the top promoter in the UK.

Critics say that Fury might have demanded a lot of money considering his high repute and fan following which could have contributed to fissures between the two. Whatever the case may be, the boxing world is ready to see the return of a heavyweight champion who is all set to make sure he reigns all over once again. For someone who could put down Hearn’s offer, we are expecting something extra ordinarily big out of it!