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What Jump Rope Does Floyd Mayweather Use?

Are you one of those who want to know what jump rope does Floyd Mayweather use? Mayweather is a popular boxer who is famous for his jump skipping skills, and you can find many videos online of his advanced skipping routines.

Why do boxers like Floyd Mayweather jump rope?

Have you ever watched boxers prepare for a match? Then you have probably seen them jump rope. You will find a good reason for it too. Keep in mind that jump rope offers serious health benefits when it comes to boxing. Further, it does not stop at boxing. Those same benefits apply to all combat sports like kickboxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai, MMA, and many others.

You will also find different reasons why boxers jump rope. Nonetheless, we would argue there are four major reasons. The four main reasons are to enhance their speed, balance, footwork, and conditioning. These are all important to becoming a better box, and jumping rope can help you enhance in all of those areas.

  • Speed – Speed is not only something that applies to offense but for defense too. It is a trait that makes boxers difficult to hit, and their strikes become unpredictable. Being able to land first and move out of range quickly is what determines the fight’s result. That’s why many boxers jump rope.

Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and Roy Jones, Jr., among others, are some of the greats that showed great speed.

  • Balance – Balance is a crucial factor in becoming an efficient boxer—your power, ability to block and counter all needs balance. Conditioning your leg muscles should be a priority if you like to enhance your balance.

What Jump Rope Does Floyd Mayweather Use

  • Footwork – Footwork is the capability to move your feet efficiently, effectively, and quickly. It is one of the most crucial foundations of a great boxer. The capability to pivot, move in and out of range, and make angles is normally what separates a good boxer from a great one.

  • Conditioning – Jumping rope is a good tool to condition the heart, lungs, and muscles. You will find many variations and combinations when jumping rope, letting boxers make dynamic workouts to condition their muscles. The hamstrings and quads are also utilized a huge deal.

What makes a good jumping rope?

You will find different brands and styles of jumping rope. Nevertheless, not all of them are appropriate for boxing. We have outlined below the things you need to consider when buying a jump rope for boxing.

  • Handle

Choosing the proper handle is going to be more subjective. Based on your preferences, you might consider a heavier metal handle with a knurled grip. You may also like a lighter, longer plastic handle. It finally comes down to what works best for you.

When it comes to our training, we often use a rope with a list and plastic handle. Further, we would like a train with a jump rope handle that is a bit longer, lone the one you would often find on a freestyle jump rope. That will make it simpler to do things such as double-unders and crossovers.

  • Length

Length is another crucial factor you need to keep in mind. There is not a hard-set length you need to follow. Feel free to get a length that feels right for you. Therefore, a rope with a bit of extra length is suitable when jumping rope for boxing.

Further, ensure you do not get a rope that is too short for you. Take note that a rope that is too short will make it challenging to clear the rope through your feet. It also makes it hard to make more advanced moves such as crossovers.

The ideal length for a boxing jumping rope is at least ten to twelve inches above the head.

  • Material

The material of the jumping rope you pick will make a huge difference in how simple it is to jump, particularly if you begin integrating various variations into the routine. There are many materials for you to choose from when buying a jump rope.

The most typical option is a plastic or PVC rope, allowing you to do things such as double-unders and crossovers effectively. Further, it is equally essential to stay away from the wrong material. For instance, a beaded or leather jump rope might seem like a great idea, but these materials make rotating the jump rope complicated and offer you less control.

Aim to keep it simple when choosing a boxing jump rope. Thus, opt for a plastic or PVC rope.

How do your jump rope like a professional boxer?

You will find different strategies that can help you jump rope like a pro boxer. Here are some of them:

  1. Master the basics

The basics are what sets up for your success, and jumping rope is no different. That’s especially true if you want to jump rope like a pro boxer. Remember that mastering the basics is a vital step.

  1. Build your footwork

Footwork is a vital skill to become a successful professional boxer. It is also the reason why boxers jump rope a lot, as it is an excellent way to improve your footwork. Thus, make sure you build some decent footwork first. You should be light on your feet, agile and quick. You will find different drills you can do to be good in this aspect.

Some drills you can do include Box Jumps, Cone Drills, and Ladder Drills.

  1. Improve your conditioning

Conditioning your entire body for better coordination and endurance. These two aspects are key to jumping rope like a professional boxer. It is not strange for a boxer to jump rope for thirty to forty minutes straight. They infrequently make mistakes too. As you can visualize, that needs a huge level of endurance, stamina, and coordination.

Building such skills can take a huge amount of commitment and time. Luckily, there are other workouts you can do to improve in these aspects. Some of the exercises you can do to develop your conditioning are swimming, pistol squat, and burpees.

  1. Integrate advance moves

After you are familiar with the basics, established decent footwork, developed a good amount of coordination and endurance, it is time to add some advanced moves to your jumping rope routine.

Here are some moves you can add:

    • Double-Under

    • Crossover

    • Boxer Step

  1. Always practice

Finally, jumping rope like a pro boxer is simple, but it needs a huge amount of training. The best thing you can do to become skilled is to practice. Do not beat yourself up if you don’t get familiar with it immediately. It will take some time. Begin slow and start to increase the lengths of your routines by a few minutes every week.

What type of jump rope does Floyd Mayweather use? 

If you are a fan of Floyd Mayweather, you may already understand some of his jump rope strategies. Throughout his career, he mainly used a jump rope that has a direct connection and has PVC plastic material.

Take note that PVC refers to the material the rope is made, offering it a specific weight that enables for a solid feel and smooth transitions without being heavy as to avoid agile movements. On the other hand, a direct connection is a way the rope connects to the handle.

As you will often notice on his training videos, Mayweather uses a long, neon yellow licorice rope along with a yellow handle. The jump rope is made by Ampro Boxing Equipment, from London, England.

The brand has been around for many years since World War II. Did you know it is the oldest boxing brand still selling in England? It is also referred to as the Original British Boxing Brand. Their equipment and clothes have been used by some of the best and greatest boxers in history, such as Nicky Cook, Sammy McCarthy, Henry Cooper, Muhammed Ali, and Floyd Mayweather as well.

Nonetheless, the Ampro Adjustable Speed Rope is only available in the United Kingdom. But there’s no need for you to worry. If you are searching for a jump rope like the one used by Mayweather, you might want to consider the DEGOL Skipping Rope with Ball Bearings.

This jump rope can help shape your cardio endurance, speed, and stamina while improving your whole body’s muscle tension. The ball bearing system helps prevent bending, winding, or twisting like other boxing ropes out there. It also guarantees relaxed and stable rotation, as it can bear a heavy load, bringing you the perfect exercise of jumping rope.

Final thoughts

To sum up, you can see that Floyd Mayweather prefers to use a speed jump rope to condition himself for the fight. If you want to get yourself a good jump rope, consider the product we mentioned above.

Keep in mind that buying the ideal jump rope is only the start, though, for you to jump rope like a professional boxer will need a huge amount of commitment and training.

Master the basics, build your footwork, establish your conditioning, add some advanced moves, and don’t forget to practice. We wish you the best of luck in your journey!