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What Jump Rope Does Manny Pacquiao Use?

There are many jump ropes that Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxing legend and one of the greatest professional boxers around the world, is fond of. 

According to reports, Manny’s top favorite is a leather jump rope because it improves coordinated footwork, speed, and agility. 

But what else does a leather jump rope offer that even Manny falls in love with? What are the other types of choices you should consider? How to pick leather or any rope that best suits your specific requirements? In this guide, you will know them all. Let’s begin! 

What Jump Rope Does Manny Pacquiao Use

Why Is a Leather Jump Rope the Go-To Option for Many Like Manny

A jump rope comes in a wide variety of materials. A leather rope is one of the most popular options among boxers like Manny. Why is that, you may ask. Below are some features that make this kind of rope stands out from the rest: 

Extra Durability 

Who wants to invest in a jump rope that only lasts for a month or two? No one would like that, as it will be costlier than you think.

But say bye to that inconvenience with something leather. Unlike rubber, it is sturdier. Designed with the user’s happiness and satisfaction in mind, it can resist the impact with the ground better without getting brittle. 

Also, a leather jump rope does not get twisted, which is why you are always on the go with your workout routine. There is no untwisting required, indeed. 

Experience Your Desired Speed

It is true that rubber jump ropes provide higher speed than leather alternatives. But do not underestimate the latter. It also offers a speed that you might not resist. Plus, it is still an excellent option for beginners and even experienced athletes. 

Enjoy Huge Savings

Leather is expensive, no doubt. Its durability makes it stand apart from the competition. It can last for years but with proper cleaning and storage. 

If you have been spending hundreds of dollars on a jump rope, a leather alternative can help you acquire bigger savings. 

Who does not want to save some cash? Everyone would probably love that. 

What Are The Other Materials Used in a Jump Rope? 

Aside from leather, there are several materials to weigh in mind when looking for a quality and long-lasting jump rope. Some of them are highlighted below: 

Cloth - Most Budget-Friendly

A cloth jump rope is one of the most cost-effective alternatives, perfect for those on a tight budget. Even if it will not break someone’s bank, it also excels in the durability department. It is usually made of nylon cords or braided cotton. It is light that makes it user-friendly. 

Vinyl - Suitable for Beginners

It is tempting to invest in a leather jump rope as it is impact-resistant. Also, if you are a die-hard fan of Manny Pacquiao, you want to have every boxing accessory he has. 

But if you are a beginner, a leather jump rope may be challenging to use. This is where a vinyl version can come into play. 

Like the cloth alternatives, a vinyl rope is suitable for first-timers. It is also a superb choice for a more advanced jump roping, making it a multipurpose tool. 

In terms of speed, a vinyl rope can compete with rubber. It offers good speed and is best for indoor or outdoor use. 

Beaded - Aesthetic Appeal

A beaded jump rope is another option to consider and take advantage of. As the name suggests, it is made of plastic beads installed in a thin piece of cord that can either be vinyl or cloth. These beads are available in different colors, making your selection less stressful. How about the cost? A beaded jump rope is competitively priced. 

Unfortunately, it is not suitable for intense jump roping. It is only recommended for limited use. 

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Jump Rope

Admit it or not, most of our buying decisions are influenced by the personalities advertising and representing the brands, especially when we are avid fans of the celebrity. 

If you have been into boxing (a supporter of Manny Pacquiao, for instance) and are looking for a jump rope, a leather alternative should be on top of your list as it has every feature you prefer. 

As a consumer, you are also considering other options, though, and that’s normal. But the process can be overwhelming on your part. Here are the factors to consider when searching for another jump rope: 

Great Flexibility

It is a wise idea to buy a jump rope designed for a specific training purpose. But remember, other options can be utilized for different reasons. 

If you are into strength or speed training, jump ropes with an interchangeable cable should be included in your shopping list. 

As your skills improve and advance, products with easy to adjust lengths may help. In case you want something more cutting-edge or state-of-the-art, there are smart ropes available with digital features like real-time duration or stats monitoring. 

Although a multipurpose jump rope can cause a dent in your savings account, it will ensure bigger savings in the long run. 

Comfortable Handles

For our second spot, we encourage athletes and fitness enthusiasts to direct their attention to comfy handles. 

While countless things affect a person’s jumping experience, the rope’s handle is one. 

Since it comes in many designs, which should you choose? A handle with an ergonomic style and contour is an incredible solution, particularly for a long session of skipping. 

If you have a jumping rope workout that lasts for a few minutes, your hands might sweat a lot, and a plastic handle can make your exercise worse than expected. So, you can never go wrong with brands that have a moisture-wicking ability.

Skill Level

Identifying one’s jumping experience level is what many forget when searching for a boxing or sports rope. 

Before you stick to a specific brand, it is very useful to assess your jumping skills. If you have advanced expertise, you can never go wrong with a speed rope that’s composed of a steel cable. It is lightweight and can guarantee an efficient spin. 

As a beginner, you may be tempted to try a speed jump rope. But it is something you might regret in the future. Which should you pick, though? PVC or nylon rope is dependable and beginner-friendly as well. 

Adjustable Size

Now, how long your jump rope should be? Again, it depends on your skills. The less experienced you are, the more clearance you need. 

If you are a novice, make sure to add at least 8 inches to your jump rope length. In case you are already an intermediate jumper, additional 4-inch clearance is recommended. 

As your abilities progress and become an advanced jumper, a 1-inch additional length for your rope is advisable. 

But do you need to invest in jump ropes of various sizes? Luckily, it is not necessary, as modern ropes are equipped with adjustable lengths. 


You perhaps have seen Manny Pacquiao do his jump rope tricks on TV or in person. What have you noticed with the rope? Is it thin, isn’t it? 

Why is that? It is because a thin rope allows athletes to jump fast and perform some fancy moves at the same time. It can also help build agility and reduce friction for a person to jump faster and more efficiently. 

If you are a newbie, stick to a jump rope with a thicker cable instead. There’s nothing to rush. Plus, developing your jumping ability does not happen overnight. It takes a long process and patience. 

Product Recommendations What Jump Rope Does Manny Pacquiao Use

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Are you an experienced jumper? Is your rope not up to par? Have you been searching for a feature-packed alternative for days without a good result? 

There is no need to search further than this speed jump rope from Epitome Fitness. But if it is your first time to hear about this brand, it is normal to feel reluctant. You do not need to feel that way, though. 

Epitome Fitness has been providing one of the highest quality and reasonably priced speed jump ropes for years. It also strives to improve its wide range of products to meet the constantly changing market. 

This speed jump rope, for example, allows athletes to achieve a supersonic speed they desire, giving them the chance to train harder and reach their specific goals in no time. The cables are adjustable. The materials used are of good quality as well. It is made of alloy steel, while the grip consists of synthetic rubber. 

Jump rope is one of the tools a boxer or any athlete must-have. As a boxing enthusiast, agility or coordinated footwork is a major skill you should possess, and this is where a jump rope can come into play. However, it is tricky to narrow down all available options on the market. This speed jump rope from Epitome Fitness could be an incredible addition to your existing kit. Enjoy every moment of your intense training!